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One Secret Of the Diet Plan For Weight Loss is Here.

Fiber dense Protein filled Lower Glycemic Index Ingredients are one of the SECRETS

I will teach you how to figure out how much you should be eating, when you should be eating and what you should be eating.  I've put together recipes and meal plans based on a combination of physiologic principles of How the body works.

Key Principles of The Diet Plan For Weight Loss

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    The Glycemic Index - The type of Carbohydrate you eat has a time and place for it.  Low Glycemic Index foods are broken down by the body over a longer period of time, which keeps the concentration of blood glucose lower, and mitigates our insulin levels from rising too high.  This helps the body use the glucose available to it without storing it as fat.  Some recipes have such low concentration of "quick burning" carbohydrates, they could be considered Ketogenic.
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    Intermittent Fasting -  After you've calculated the deficit of calories you'll require , Click HERE for the formulas, I will teach you how to schedule periods of Intermittent Fasting to target the times that you will eat, which will help you to adhere to your daily Calorie quota.   This will also allow for social gatherings, such as family dinners or meetups with friends.  This is important because it's easy to fall off the wagon of your diet plan if you don't account for such social gatherings.  Intermittent fasting is the key to adhering to plan.
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    Variety -  The Diet Plan For Weight Loss is filled with Recipes that encompass a variety of dishes from all types of cultures, from American dishes, Mediterranean, Italian, Greek,  and Asian inspired meals.   There are options to have meal plan for up to 30 days at time, easy to prepare and plan for the days ahead.
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    Metabolism - You'll learn about the quickest ways to increase your metabolic rate so that your body can become more efficient at burning stored calories from fat and glycogen.
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    Nutrition - What are the best supplements to take to supercharge your efforts?  Which ingredients should you avoid at all costs.
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